Terms and Conditions at Cupalbizz IVS

General information


At Cupalbizz IVS, we make reservations for any errors in our stated prices.. Furthermore, we reserve the right to change prices without prior consent.

The period for the service is calculated from the first invoice date.

* There is no binding period when you sign up for address service. If you wish to terminate the service, this must be done no later than 10 days before the next invoice is issued. If the termination takes place after the invoice has been sent, you are obliged to pay this, and your termination will take effect after the end of the period.


Cupalbizz IVS issues invoices with the option of bank transfer or payment via payment link to Stripe. All amounts are in DKK. Danish kroner and excl. VAT. Reservations are made for price errors.


The moment an invoice is over due, we stop handling your mail. We will only resume service when there are no more outstanding invoices – Please note that we will continue to receive your mail until we have sent another reminder. Thereafter, all mail received will be returned to the senders. Failure to pay can, however, NEVER be equated with a notice, we MUST have a written notice per. email, and it is your responsibility to ensure it has reached us. All invoices sent before receipt of the notice MUST be paid.

If outstanding invoices are not paid after a reminder has been sent, as well as reminders, we will forward the case for debt collection. In addition, we will report you to the Danish Business Authority for illegal use of the address. This may result in forced dissolution.

It is important to pay our invoice on time. If the invoice is due, reminders and fees will be charged which can NOT be canceled. We also stop handling your mail.

The first reminder is sent 3 days after the due date at no additional cost, but the service is stopped by the due date.

The second reminder is sent 5 days after the first reminder, which is credited with DKK 100 in reminder fee and DKK 310 in compensation fee.

The third reminder is sent 5 days after the second reminder, which is charged an additional DKK 100 in reminder fee.

The case is transferred to debt collection with associated additional costs 10 days after the third reminder.

* The service is suspended after another reminder, the mail is returned and our address may NOT be used until the invoice has been paid.

** The service will be closed permanently after the third reminder, and even after payment of the invoice it will not be reopened. If we accept it, the service can be reopened for a fee of 500 DKK.


There is no binding period with us, but we MUST have your notice before the next invoice is sent, if a new invoice has been sent without us having received your notice, the service will only be terminated at the end of the new invoice. Failure to pay can NEVER be considered a termination.

* After approved termination, it is your responsibility to change the address on virk.dk etc.

Privacy Policy

In order for you to enter into an agreement with us, we need the following information about you:

  • Name + company nam
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Copy of passport / driving license
  • Copy of health card

We process your personal information for the purpose of being able to provide the service to you and to be able to process your mail. The processing takes place according to the rules in our personal data policy for Cupalbizz IVS. Here you can read more about how your information is processed, when it is deleted and what rights you have as registered. Read more here

In addition, we refer to additional conditions in our FAQ. Read more here

Cupalbizz IVS

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